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Graphic Design, Illustration, Brand Identity

Graphic Design

Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication

During the Spring 2019 semester, I am serving as the Yarbrough-Grady Graphics Fellow. My responsibilities include serving as the sole fellow creating official graphics for Grady College and working with the Office of Communications staff at Grady College. 


The Southeastern Pharmacy Experiential Education Consortium is a group of pharmacy schools in the southeast (specifically Alabama and Georgia) that work together to streamline the process of sending pharmacy students on experiential programs. I worked with the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy to develop SPEEC’s first logo since its establishment in 2002.

SH!T Middle/Elementary Schoolers Say

During the Fall 2018 semester, I was student teaching for my art education certification. Throughout my experience, I overheard students saying things that are both ridiculous and hilarious. Through the course of my two eight-week site placements, I recorded these interactions.

Because engaging people in art education content is much harder than goading their interest in the fine arts pieces for the exit show, I decided to take a different route. For my exit show, I decided to combine several of my passions: art education, graphic design, book arts and humor. In this two-part book series, "Sh!t Middle Schoolers Say" and "Sh!t Elementary Schoolers Say" explore the combination of artmaking and conversation, all through the perspective of primary and secondary students.

Office of International Education

In Summer 2018, I worked as a PR intern at the University of Georgia Office of International Education. Along with creating content for the social media calendar, I created various flyers and graphics for the office to fit seamlessly into the UGA brand.

Digital Library of Georgia

The Digital Library of Georgia is a resource funded by the Georgia government that gives users online availability to various scholarly resources. My final design concept (2017) is simple and elegant, the placement of the pixels mimicking the shape of a “D”, which is the first letter in DLG.

Best in Breed Dog Training

Best in Breed Dog Training is a company in Metro-Atlanta that teaches dog owners how to properly train their pets. In 2017 I rebranded the company, creating a cleaner, more professional brand identity. To see the website I designed, visit

Lenz Marketing

In Summer 2017 I interned for Lenz Marketing, a small but influential agency in Decatur, GA serving clients in the fields of medicine, nonprofits, and small businesses. I created a range of content for both the creative and public relations departments.

Other Graphics